Whether you both come from different countries or you’re in a multi-race or multi-ethnic marriage, you’re likely to experience some significant obstacles.

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Relationships are not optional, they are at the center of life! Learning to develop and sustain positive, safe, relationships are critical to our health, growth, and fulfillment.

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Is your child out of control, anxious or depressed? Is your child struggling to cope with school or with social issues? Is he bullied or bullying others? Does your child have difficulties staying focused? Looking for family counseling near you?

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Anxiety & Depression deprives you and your family of a peaceful, hopeful life. If you, your younger child or your teenager are anxious get professional help. Learn effective ways to soothe yourself, to problem solve, and master your anxiety.

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Have your personal efforts to change your problem or relational difficulty failed?

Are you looking for a real key to personal growth? Are you ready to develop the skills you need to resolve conflicts with fairness and effectiveness? I can help you develop effective strategies and coping skills to manage and overcome deep personal, and difficult relational problems—problems that have persisted despite your efforts to solve them. I look forward to hearing from you.

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