Child counseling for ADHD childrenTIPS TO AVOID & DIFFUSE TANTRUMS:

– Give choices. Say “you have to eat vegetables but which would you want carrots or broccoli? “ Choices empower your child and feelings of empowered helps decrease frustrations that leads to tantrums.
– Prepare your child for what to expect. Say “we are leaving to go grocery shopping in 15 minutes.”
– Set simple rules that you reinforce daily and consistently. When a child know what is expected of him he is less likely to act out.
– When your child is frustrated try to distract him with a favorite game, or a story.
– Stay calm do not raise your voice as it will encourage your child to yell louder.
– When your child is agitated upset, and safe sometime give them the time to calm down. Try to go in another room for a while.
– Be flexible and open. Try something different and/or new if your usual way to deal with tantrums no longer works. Parenting skills need to develop as the child develop.
– Children will test boundaries, be consistent and explains that these limits are meant to protect them.
– Decide of consequence for bad behaviors during family times. When a behavior requires consequences wait that your child cool down before giving it to him.
– When your child has calm down, talk about what happened, listen to what your child tells you and give him strategies & tools to manage his frustration.

Dr. Baya Mebarek, Psy.D., LMFT

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