MArriage Counseling & Strong MarriageMost couples start off with such a high that they both member of the couple have difficulties imagining the relationship derailing. However often this delightful state does not last. Over time irritation, anger, resentment can build and damage the friendship. Soon the overriding sentiment is negative. They start interpreting negatively what the partner says, and the vicious negative cycle deepens.

If you find yourself stuck in such a negative cycle, there is hope. There are principles that when applied can help you strengthen your relationship and revive your friendship. Reviving your friendship will help you defuse tension and deal with disagreements more constructively. It will help you prevent negativity to get out of control. Partners that have a strong friendship are good at attempting to repair their bond when dealing with disagreements.

In a strong marriage, husband and wife share a deep sense of meaning, they support one another hopes and aspirations, nurture a relational dynamic of love and respect, and develop a sense of common purpose. They also understand that most of their arguments cannot be resolved. They accept, honor and respect their differences.

No matter where your relationship is it at Couples therapy can help you develop skills to work through relationship issues and bring positive changes. Marriage counseling may help you build the intimacy you and your partner are hoping for.  A qualified marriage therapist may be the support your relationship needs to grow and move forward.

Dr.Baya Mebarek, Psy.D.,LMFT