Building resiliency: Shielding your relationship from divorce

The shattering of a relationship is an ordeal no one anticipates at the outset of marriage. Yet, a significant percentage of marriages eventually reach the painful crossroads of the divorce. So, what does it take to fortify your relationship against the myriad choices that can lead to its demise?

Experts unanimously emphasize the significance of valuing and prioritizing the relationship. Consistently nurturing it through quality time, thoughtful dates, and improved communication forms the bedrock of a resilient relationship. Investing time in reading quality books on relationship building, attending seminars on couple’s growth, couple’s retreats can also prove to be valuable resources.

The decision to divorce is often a gradual process. It unfolds when one or both partners accumulate a plethora of hurts, disappointments, and unresolved issues. From the initial lack of forgiveness and reconciliation, they may find themselves slipping into bitterness and resentment, creating emotional distance. Crucially, addressing hurt feelings and disagreements early on is paramount. Partners who develop effective negotiation, compromise, and communication skills fortify their relationship, enabling it to weather the inevitable stressors and challenges of marriage.

If your marriage is currently grappling with challenges, it’s imperative to prioritize addressing the underlying issues. Seeking the assistance of a marriage counselor could very well be the catalyst that saves your marriage.

Dr. Baya Mebarek, Psy.D.,LMFT