School is supposed to be a place where students feel safe and secure and where they can count on being treated with respect. The reality, however, is that a significant number of students are the target of bullying episodes.

Bullying has always been a harsh reality, but in recent years it has developed a whole new level of intensity. It’s no longer confined to just the hallways and playgrounds as in days past, when you could at least escape to the safety of home. The phenomenon of cyber-bullying, the use of online technologies to harass and humiliate people of any age, has made escape nearly impossible. Technology has made it possible to electronically torture someone in the social media 24 hours a day.

This news is concerning as research indicates that the bullying of children in any format not only affects the victim at the time of the bullying, but can also have lasting emotional consequences. Most notably, problems with anxiety, depression, complaints of physical ailments, and low self-esteem can continue on for years and even into adulthood.

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