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Coronavirus (COVID-19), Changes, Stress & Anxiety

Coronavirus & reponsible behaviors

Just a few weeks ago, the terms Coronavirus and COVID-19 were relatively unknown. Today, every household in America and in the world is acutely aware and almost every area of life is affected, in some way, as our nation battles the Coronavirus pandemic.

Changes are happening faster than ever due to coronavirus (COVID-19). It is easy to get overwhelmed as there are so much unknown and so much at risk. We can get overwhelmed by the amount of changing information on almost an hourly basis, by the scope and severity of the problem, and by the effects it is having on each of us directly or indirectly.

Nothing could have prepared us for the individual circumstances that would change in ways we never could have imagined, and so drastically. It is easy to get anxious and stressed out! The more we have difficulties dealing with uncertainty the more we get anxious.

When so much seems out of our control it is critical to learn to focus on what we can control as we amplify what we chose to focus on.

So let’s be responsible and proactive with social distancing, and hand-washing.

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Dr. Baya Mebarek, Psy.D., LMFT


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