Navy & Marines Family CounselingSan Diego is home to thousands of soldiers. The incidence of acute depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse is rapidly increasing for those in the military. In addition research shows that marriages and families are some of the unspoken casualties of war (Chan, Cole, & Davila, 2005).

Multiple deployments cause continued and repeated separation. Spouses end up having to become single parents for a time then readjust to their spouse reentering the family which dramatically raises the level of stress in relationships. The individual stress on military personnel often affects the marriage couple as well as other family members. The stress on military marriages is showing in areas such as, in 2004 the rate of divorce within the military doubled from that of previous years (Skipp, Ephron & Hastings, 2006).

With the number of deployments and extended length of the ongoing conflicts overseas, the need for skilled therapists that understand the unique situations of military families is growing. Some of these families are hesitant to utilize services on base or provided through the military due to the fear of privacy violations. Thus, many are looking for safe and confidential solutions independent from the military environment.

San Diego Couples & Family Therapy works to provide this independent solution for these military families. When problems are identified early on and when psycho-education is provided in a nurturing and confidential environment, you can learn to deal with them effectively and successfully. Later on though you still can learn effective strategies and relational skills to manage and/or overcome depression, anxiety, and protect your relationships from the negative effects of these conditions. We use clinical hypnosis when appropriate to aid in the recovery/healing process. Research shows that clinical hypnosis can bring faster, more radical and sustainable changes.

If your marriage struggling, if you are anxious and/or depressed, it is probably a good time to ask for help! A qualified and experienced therapist can help you regain control of your feelings, thoughts and ultimately, your life. There are very good, long-term, positive outcomes for those who seek appropriate professional help.

Dr. Baya Mebarek, Psy.D.,LMFT