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Couples & Infidelity- Part 2

Marriage and Affairs There are many types of affairs, and couples should consider this information…

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Couples & Infidelity- Part 1

Marriage and Affairs The single most destructive threat to a committed relationship is when one of…

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Marriage & Commitment- Part 4

Couples and Commitment Couples Making Positive Relationship Changes: There is still hope for…

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Marriage & Commitment- Part 3

Couples and Commitment   Negative Relationship Behaviors – The Negative Cascade: A relationship in…

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Marriage & Commitment- Part 2

Couples and Commitment When we make a commitment to our partner, our usual expectation is that our…

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Marriage & Commitment- Part 1

Couples and Commitment The Stage of Deeper Sharing When we commit ourselves to a relationship with…

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Marriage & Forgiveness- Part 4

Relationships and Forgiveness FORGIVENESS IS NOT A WAY OF FORGETTING THE PAST. Indeed, if you have…

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Marriage & Forgiveness- Part 3

Relationships and forgiveness CHOOSING TO FORGIVE YOUR PARTNER Forgiving the partner who caused you…

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