One of the most common issues presented by children and adolescents is cyber-bullying. Before the Internet, a spiteful rumor would be spread in school by students talking to each other. In general, the rumor would dwindle after a few days, the source of the gossip would be identified, and dealt with, even though it would leave a distressed teen in its wake. Today, anything posted online stays there forever, and rumors can be spread within seconds via text, email, chat, and social media updates. Online bullying is fast and anonymous. Now you have the increased potential for harm combined with anonymity and speed.

This news is concerning as research indicates that the bullying of children in any format not only affects the victim at the time of the bullying, but can also have lasting emotional consequences. Most notably, problems with anxiety, depression, complaints of physical ailments, and low self-esteem can continue on for years and even into adulthood.

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