Few strategies for overcoming procrastination:

• Identify fears and unrealistic expectations. Try to identify what is holding you back. If you can categorize the problem, the solution may become obvious.
• Focus on rational self-talk. Write down all of your excuses and examine the distorted thinking behind each. Then, write down a realistic thought next to each excuse.
• Try positive self-thoughts. Replace self-defeating beliefs or negative thoughts with motivators, such as, “The sooner I finish this task, the better.”
• Set clear, realistic goals. To help make tasks manageable, sequence them in steps needed to finish the job. Estimate the time you think you’ll need for each step and then add to it. That way, you take into consideration breaks or possible interruptions.
• Discipline yourself. Don’t rely on feeling more motivated later. Once you identify the task and steps needed to complete it, make a commitment to see it through. If necessary, tell a mentor or coach about your plan.
• Post reminders for yourself in obvious places. Tack them on your computer monitor and/or smartphone.
• Organize your work area. A clean desk can help you clear your mind. Gather all the materials you will need to complete the task before you start. That way, you won’t waste time looking for supplies.
• Make a habit of taking short breaks. You need to disengage to re-engage.

Dr. Baya Mebarek, Psy.D., LMFT

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