Signs that your marriage/relationship needs a change:

  • Do you notice that you and your partner can spend a day communicating just about the business aspect of life and/or the housekeeping issues?
  • Do you stay longer hours at work to avoid coming home and dealing with relationship problems?
  • Do you find yourself focusing most your time and energy on your kids and have barely anything left for your partner?
  • Do you avoid sex or even situations where your partner might want sex with you?
  • Are you both stressed, tired and grumpy? Do you fight more? Are you almost roommates? Do you find you don’t enjoy each other’s company anymore?
  • Do issues keep coming up and seem to never get resolved? Are you distancing yourself emotionally?
  • Do you feel increasingly critical of and resentful toward your partner?
  • Is the emotional bank account of your relationship running on empty? Are you more irritable and impatience with your partner?

Your marriage might need help!

If you relate to any of these statements above, it may be time for you to take steps to work on your marriage. It may be time to make the effort to improve the way you communicate and relate with one another. It may be time to get help for your relationship/marriage.

Baya Mebarek, Psy.D.,LMFT

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