An Exercise for Exploring Anger

Do this exercise once a day for a month or so. It only takes a few minutes. This exercise encourages you to explore your anger so that you can take a more contained approach toward it.

Find a quiet time and place with no distractions (turn off the TV and background music). Close your eyes and visualize someone you are angry with. Feel the anger welling up inside you. Make the anger swell. Now observe your body’s reaction to the anger you are feeling. Observe your thoughts during your anger. Feel your state of being angry and then breathe calmly and deeply. Now tell yourself: “I’m not going to take action – I’m just going to breathe my way through these feelings until I can handle them comfortably. My anger is my own, and I am in control of it.” And in time you can come to realize that you feel comfortable with your anger. It’s simply a normal emotion which, in the end, can help us to deal with life’s problems. (Note: since anger is such a powerful emotion for some people, it is strongly recommended that this exercise be done under the guidance of a trained psychotherapist.)

Dr. Baya Mebarek, Psy.D., LMFT

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