Answer the following questions. If you have more “yes” than “no” answers, you might find it helpful to start the process of alleviating your loneliness.

Do You Feel …

1.That you are not in tune with the people around you?

2.That you lack companionship?

3.There is no one you can turn to?


5.That you are not part of a group of friends?

6.That you are not outgoing and friendly?

7.That you are no longer close to anyone?

8.That you are often left out?

9.That your relationships with the people around you are not meaningful?

10.Isolated from others?


12.That there is nobody to talk to about important issues?

13.That other people are around you, but not “with” you?

14.That you can’t share your interests with other people?

This quiz is derived from the UCLA Loneliness Scale developed by Daniel W. Russell (1996).

Dr. Baya Mebarek, Psy.D., LMFT

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