iStock_000017908199SmallDepression is a serious problem. It impacts every aspect of the depressed teenager’s life. When feeling depressed, they procrastinate and are unable to complete tasks. They may make promises they won’t keep. Depending upon their level of depression, they may not feel like doing anything. Teen depression can lead to alcohol and drug, self-hatred, violence, and even suicide.

If your teenager never seems to want to get out of the house, off the couch or out of bed, do not want to do anything he used to enjoy, he is probably depressed. It is critically important that you recognize your teenager’s signs of depression to get him the needed help.

Depression is treatable. Research has shown that cognitive therapy, interpersonal therapy and solution focused therapy are effective and lead to much less relapses than when medication is used. A qualified therapist will teach them the thinking, relational social skills they need to be good problem solvers able to handle life challenges.

Dr. Baya Mebarek, Psy.D.,LMFT

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