W1M4VJG9Positive interaction & Couples

What are positive interactions?

They are found in

– Showing interest in what your partner is saying,

– Expressing affection to your partner both verbally (“I love you”) and nonverbally (holding hands, doing kind little things),

– Showing you care – perhaps by making a phone call during the day or bringing home flowers,

– Showing appreciation by remembering the good times in your relationship or telling your partner how proud you are of him or her,

– Indicating your concern – instead of acting defensive, show that you are concerned about your partner’s troubling experiences or apologize if you say something hurtful without thinking,

– Conveying empathy in your facial expression and verbal feedback – show that you truly care about what your partner is going through,

– Displaying acceptance of your partner’s thoughts and feelings – this shows your respect for your partner,

– Joking around, which includes playful teasing, laughing together, and maybe acting silly together, and

– Sharing your joy when good things happen.

Dr. Baya Mebarek, Psy.D.,LMFT