Mastering the art of active listening in a relationship.

The initial step towards effective listening lies in mastering good listening skills. To do so, one must recognize the importance of listening in their life and relationships and then put this awareness into practice.

Here are a few guidelines to kickstart the process:

  • Allow the speaker to finish before responding.
  • Eliminate distractions; focus on the conversation.
  • Maintain eye contact, lean in, and show genuine interest.
  • Keep an open posture to convey receptivity.
  • Provide verbal and nonverbal responses- nod, smile, and express agreement, or disagreement appropriately.

Listening surpasses passive silence. It is an active collaborative process, with attentive listening marking the first level. Despite our attentiveness, assumptions, and gaps persist, and we often misinterpret the speaker’s intended message. The more profound level is active listening.

Dr. Baya Mebarek, Psy.D.,LMFT