Embracing Challenges for Relational Growth

As a couple, every challenge or obstacle you face is an opportunity for personal and relational growth. One of the most powerful things you can control is how you react to situations. While your actions may be impeded, your intentions and dispositions cannot be hindered. You can adapt and accommodate, focusing on what you can control within your marriage.

In any relationship, good things and bad things will always happen. Time spent working on yourselves as partners is time well spent. This self-improvement helps you create more good times and weather the storms when they appear. Instinctively, we avoid things that cause us pain, but many of the most important lessons come from painful moments. When tough times occur in your marriage, it’s important to feel them fully, to work through them, let go of the pain, and learn from them.

Partners can be insightful observers who help each other grow. It’s tough to hear feedback suggesting improvements, but if you can get past your initial response, you’ll often find valuable lessons to enhance your quality of life and your relationship. It’s okay to complain a little, but then you need to be honest with yourself, accept the feedback, and have the courage to let go of unhelpful reactions, habits, behaviors, change, and grow together as a couple.

To navigate these challenges and grow closer as a couple, consider seeking the guidance of a marriage counselor.

Adapted from a book of Ryan Holiday

Dr.Baya Mebarek, Psy.D.,LMFT