Counseling depressed children & Counseling TeenagersDepression is the world’s most common mood disorder. When depression affects an individual it affects every one he/she interacts with. It affects destructively marriages, families, work environments, and communities. Firm recovery is built through a healthy social life based on understanding what to expect from our relationships, what we should give, and how to relate to and accept others.

Think about depression in realistic ways that actually empower you to overcome it. Don’t think of it in terms of genetics but rather in terms of thinking, problem solving, relational skills and emotional skills that you can develop!

– Have realistic expectations of others! Assess people and situations accurately to avoid disappointment.

Stop the ruminative, repetitive, anxious, and depressing thoughts and learn to develop constructive thinking skills.

– Learn to interact with others without diffusing your negativity, or absorbing theirs. You may not know how to do it yet but you can learn.

If you are not already satisfied with the state of your relationships, develop a motivating plan to improve them, gain some perspective, and even get some help.

– Please reduce your children’s vulnerability to depression by getting some help for yourself and possibly for them as well.

– Develop a healthy support system by building close and supportive relationships that support and fulfill you.

Do not get overwhelmed by these suggestions but get the help you need even if you are thinking “why bother!”

Adapted from a book by Dr. Yapko

Dr.Baya Mebarek, Psy.D.,LMFT