Counseling Services

Marriage counseling, individual therapy, family and child therapy

Couples Counseling
I work with couples that are experiencing negative and destructive patterns of relating and help them develop the skills and create a healthy, loving relational environment where the intimacy, trust and romance flourish.


Premarital Counseling
You are approaching marriage with expectations, goals and desires. That’s natural, normal and…great.
I assist couples build their marriage on realistic expectations and a solid foundation.


Family Therapy
In my work with families, we explore how relationships in families are connected and influence one another. Together we discover and practice how to maintain meaningful relationships. Individuals learn how to respond rather than react to emotional triggers in their lives.


Depression is a treatable condition. I assist children, adolescents and adults develop the skills they need to manage and overcome depression and to protect and shield their loved ones from their struggles


The most common way people cope with anxiety is by avoiding those situations they feel anxious about. I help children and adults to stop this vicious cycle by teaching them strategies to soothe themselves and master their anxiety.


Individual Therapy
Through individual therapy, I help you identify personal strengths and eliminate both destructive thought patterns and emotional responses. I have extensive experience and training in many individual counseling areas however, I specialize in helping individuals who are experiencing relationship pain.


Group therapy
Group therapy is a powerful way of working on relationship issues. The group experience allows its members to gain knowledge of both themselves and others as they clarify the changes they want to make in their lives while providing the tools needed to make the changes.


Faith-based Counseling
My approach to therapy takes into consideration your beliefs and convictions to help you reach the wholeness and health you are looking for.


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