Child/Teenager Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety in your child or teenager?

An anxious child or teenager is likely to become a depressed adult. If you are recognizing signs of anxiety in your child it is important to get them some help now.

Anxiety and depression tend to co-exist in the same person. The good news is that they do not tend to start at the same time. Usually, anxiety starts before the depression. Thus, dealing with anxiety early on may help your child prevent bouts with depression.

Without treatment, an anxious child or an anxious teenager is likely to become a depressed adult.

An anxious child may:

  • complain of stomach aches or headaches
  • have sleep problems and difficulty concentrating
  • be moody, short-tempered or clingy
  • develop nervous habits
  • refuse to go to school in order to avoid other kids
  • skip activities that make him feel uncomfortable

When you see these signs in your child or your teenager, get them the help they need now. Without gaining the skills to help them cope with their anxiety, they will likely give in to the behaviors that will lead them to feel like a failure. Worse is that they will not have the tools for later in life when they deal with even more complex conditions!

Help them break the vicious cycle of anxiety now. Seek advice from a professional child therapist that can teach your child relaxation techniques, soothing strategies, and the skills they need to become good problem solvers.

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