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bicultural(cropped)Bi-cultural Marriage Counseling

Do you have serious marriage problems? Is he/she threatening to leave you? Has he/she already left? Are you thinking of leaving him/her? Has the marriage fallen into a rut?

Whether you both come from different countries or you’re in a multi-race or multi-ethnic marriage, you’re likely to experience some significant obstacles.

Marriage represents the convergence of two people and their individual cultures creating a unified culture. The process of forming this new marital culture is difficult and poses many challenges. Marriage partners who vary greatly in their backgrounds tend to have more issues. Multi-cultural couples are subject to special stresses and strains beyond those experienced in most marriages due to built-in difference in areas that can be particularly sensitive.The backgrounds may include ethnic and national differences that involve traditions, politics, economics and religious beliefs. The differences in family dynamics can include roles, values, beliefs, communication and emotional expression and can be a potential source of conflicts.

Some areas of conflict faced by many bi-cultural couples are:

  •      Family language
  •      Religion and holidays
  •      Child rearing
  •      Extended family
  •      Gender roles
  •      What country to live in

These areas of conflict might come up in any marriage, but with multi-cultural couples, they often involve assumptions and expectations that are so much a part of your identity that you may not even be aware of them.

On the other hand, there are special rewards for those who are willing to manage differences in core beliefs with their partners and families. Multi-cultural marriage and family therapy can help you to manage differences in core beliefs with your partner and learn to become a sensitive traveler along him/her.

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