Depression & Couples

Couples depression therapy

Couples therapy that focuses on overcoming the impact of depression on relationships may help you save your marriage.

How do you learn the skills you need to manage and overcome your depression? How do you protect your relationship with your partner when you are suffering from depression? Are you and your partner experiencing feelings and moments of isolation and separation?

Depression is a stressor on relationships for both the person with the condition and for their partner and their children. It can change the whole family atmosphere. Research shows that both husbands and wives of depressed partners often express intense feelings of anger, helplessness, and withdrawal. They have difficulties in adjusting to the condition of their partner and feel isolated. They often feel that they have no one with whom to share their emotions. Spouses experience stress and fatigue as they often assume not only their usual responsibilities but also those of their partners. Furthermore, they feel powerless to help their loved ones and to protect themselves from the condition.

When not treated, depression can have a profound impact on the sufferers, their partners, their children, and the wider social system. This condition brings partners face to face with challenging relationships. It disrupts the normal give and takes and support in relationships. As a marriage and family therapist, I acknowledge the relational dimension of the depression and take it into consideration in the therapeutic process. I am passionate about helping couples move out of negative and painful patterns of relating to rich relationships that enhance their lives.

Although it may be hard for you to make the call for your first appointment, reaching out for the help you need is one of the bravest things you can do. Individual and couples therapy that focuses on the impact of depression on relationships may be the very thing that saves you relationship. You can learn the skills you need.

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