Family and Child Counseling

Family relationships can serve to either shield you from or make you vulnerable to mental conditions.

The family is often our first and most lasting connection to the world. Family relationships are often the most influential in development and wellbeing.

Although the people in the family may remain the same, the way each relates to one another does not. The relationships change as a different member of the family grows and change. However, not all members of the family are always ready for the changes at the same time.

Well functioning families are comfortable with a good balance of togetherness as well as moments of separation. In times of change, these families are able to provide a flexible enough environment to both stays constant and adapt to change. Through this flexibility, it shields the family from experiencing issues that may lead to unhealthy behaviors.

In my work with couples and families, we explore how relationships in families are connected and influence one another. Together we discover and practice how to maintain meaningful relationships. Individuals learn how to respond rather than react to emotional triggers in their lives.

Often this results in learning new ways of being in relationships which enhances connection and intimacy. This new awareness and confidence offers hope and direction for healthy and satisfying relationships. My goal is to help people create a personal and family situation that is more honest, caring and respectful of all members.

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    Research shows the importance of considering emotions as part of the parenting process. This dimension is often ignored in advice given to parents. An ideal time for bonding with and offering guidance to your child is when he is emotional. Emotionally charged moments can be opportunities for trust building, intimacy and teaching.

    In a confidential and nurturing therapeutic environment, I will assist you to:

    • learn to be aware of your child’s emotions;
    • listen empathically and validate his feelings;
    • help him find words to label his feelings;
    • set appropriate limits and
    • explore strategies to solve the problems at hand

    Your parenting style can influence how prepared your kids are to deal with life situations. Poor life skills can lead to dysfunctional habits and conditions.

    Emotionally in tune parenting styles produce emotionally healthy adults.

    Seeking advice from a professional child therapist may help you to help your child grow and develop into a mature, secure adult.

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