Child Therapy, Parenting Skills

Seeking advice from a professional child therapist may help you to help your child grow and develop into a mature, secure adult


Is your child out of control, anxious or depressed? Is your child struggling to cope with school or with social issues? Is he bullied or bullying others? Does your child have difficulties staying focused? Does he seek ways to be moving all the time? Does he act impulsively? How do you respond when your child is acting out emotionally?

The key to helping children be flexible, adaptive and thoughtful is to help integrate the different parts of the brain so they work well together as a coordinated whole brain. When all of the parts of your child’s brain work together, emotions are easier to control. When your child brain is not working in an integrated, whole brain way, he becomes overwhelmed by his emotions, confused and chaotic.

Tantrums, meltdowns, aggression, and most of the other challenging experiences of parenting and life are a result of a loss of whole brain integration. In other words, these problems occur when your little one isn’t using his whole brain and also when you as a parent aren’t using your whole brain.

Research shows the importance of considering emotions as part of the parenting process. This dimension is often ignored in advice given to parents. An ideal time for bonding with and offering guidance to your child is when he is emotional. Emotionally charged moments can be opportunities for trust building, intimacy and teaching.

In a confidential and nurturing therapeutic environment, I will assist you to:

  •  Learn to be aware of your child’s emotions
  •  Listen empathically and validate his feelings
  •  Help him find words to label his feelings
  •  Set appropriate limits
  •  Explore strategies to solve the problems at hand
  • Help him manage effectively his attention deficit

Your parenting style can influence how prepared your kids are to deal with life situations.  Poor life skills can lead to dysfunctional habits and conditions. Emotionally in tune parenting styles produce emotionally healthy adults.

Seeking advice from a professional child therapist may help you to help your child grow and develop into a mature, secure adult.

Baya Mebarek is a doctor in psychology and a licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist in the state of California. She specializes in couples therapy, pre-marital counseling, personal development, and in the treatment of children, adolescents, adults, couples and families—specifically, those dealing with depression and anxiety.

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