Premarital Counseling

Congratulations on your Engagement!!

Pre-marriage counseling assists couples to build their marriage on realistic expectations and a solid foundation. Set your marriage on the right track before it starts.

San Diego’s relationship therapist is pleased to provide pre-marital counseling.

What an exciting time! You are about to walk down the aisle to proclaim your commitment to one another and share in the fulfillment of each other’s desires!

All of us approach marriage with expectations, goals, and desires; desires about love, commitment, marital satisfaction, communication conflict resolution, financial management, roles, kids, roles, schedules, friends, to name just a few topics. That’s natural, normal and…great. But, understanding those expectations, goals, and desires is critical to a great marriage. I provide pre-marital counseling in San Diego to assist couples to build their marriage on realistic expectations and a solid basis or foundation.

Together we will delve into topics to be able to discover the answers and determine methods of how to approach them in your marriage. Sample topics covered are:

  • Do we have a realistic understanding of love, commitment, and conflict as a married couple
  • Are we satisfied with most aspects of our relationship?
  • Do we like each other’s personality and habits?
  • Do we share feelings and understand each other?
  • Are we able to discuss and resolve differences?
  • Do we agree on a budget and financial matters?
  • Do we share some similar interests and spend time together and apart?
  • Do we agree on issues relating to having and raising children?
  • Do we feel good about relationships with relatives and friends?
  • Do we agree on how to share decision-making and responsibilities?
  • Do we hold similar values/ beliefs?
  • Do we agree on how to deal with our parents?

For your information:

When people get married eventually they turn their legitimate desires into expectations. Marriage dynamics are changed. When you start thinking in terms of He/She owes me, the intimacy, the trust, and the romance are gone.

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    Baya Mebarek is:

    • A doctor in psychology licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist in the state of California.
    • Specializes in couples therapy, pre-marital counseling, personal development, and in the treatment of children, adolescents, adults, couples and families—specifically, those dealing with depression and anxiety.

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