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Online Counseling, Web Counseling, Therapy Online, Internet psychotherapy,

Online psychotherapy, web-counselingOnline counseling, online individual and Couples therapy, or Web-counseling generally refers to the use of communications and Information technologies for the provision of clinical services. Online Therapy, Web counseling, or online-psychotherapy also involves therapy which takes place via the internet, through video sessions.

Residents of California have the option of participating in therapy via the internet through secured video sessions. An internet connection, a secured account (sent by us), webcam, and computer microphone are necessary to participate in this service.

There are potential benefits to online therapy:

  • Increased access to providers
  • Faster and more convenient treatment
  • Better continuity of care
  • Reduction of lost work time and travel costs
  • Ability to do couples and family therapy when some family members can’t be physically present in the office
  • Saves travel and waiting  time
  • Helps to preserve your privacy by not exposing clients to others in and around the practitioner’s office
  • Delivers services to those in rural or underserved areas, or the handicapped/disabled without the usual logistical problems

Please contact me to determine if online therapy would fit your needs and to find out additional information about how treatment is conducted.

We will then schedule our initial session I will e-mail you an “Informed Consent” form which outlines the risk and benefits of  online counseling as well as other important legal information.

Dr. Baya Mebarek, Psy.D.,LMFT

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