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Some PTSD Statistics

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Most people who are exposed to extreme stress are able to process their way through their reactions and never develop PTSD.

– It has been estimated that 70 percent of people will be exposed to a traumatic event in their lifetime.
– Of those people, 20 percent will go on to develop PTSD.
– At any given time, an estimated 5 percent of people have PTSD.
– Approximately 8 percent of the population will develop PTSD during their lifetime.
– Women are about twice as likely to develop PTSD as men, mostly because women are more susceptible to experience interpersonal violence, including rape and physical beatings.
– Victims of domestic violence and childhood abuse are at tremendous risk for PTSD.
– Rape is the leading cause of PTSD.

Baya Mebarek, Psy.D., LMFT

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