san diego family counselingStrong families spend a great deal of time together

And the time spent is not always in planned events. Just spending time, doing nothing in particular, eases our feelings of isolation and loneliness, builds relationships, contributes to a feeling of security, and helps to create a sense of family identity. Individual family members should find time when two people can do something together without the entire family present. Spending time together can involve eating meals together, doing household chores together, celebrating special events and holidays, and participating in community activities, indoor recreation (playing games, telling stories, working on puzzles) or outdoor activities (taking a walk, camping, picnicking).

Try these things:

  • Recall some of your happiest childhood experiences which involve spending time with your family. Try to recreate these types of experiences with your current family.
  • Let the children help with household tasks, and do these chores together as a family.
  • Plan a yearly family reunion – and make it easy for everyone to attend.

Dr. Baya Mebarek, Psy.D.,LMFT