Marriage & Communication – Part 2

Become A Good Listener. The first step in mastering good listening skills is to become aware of why…

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Marriage & Communication – Part 1

Active communication requires one person to talk and the other to listen… And both to do their part…

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Couples & Commitment- Part 4

Couples Making Positive Relationship Changes: There is still hope for couples who find themselves…

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Couples & Commitment- Part 3

Negative Relationship Behaviors – The Negative Cascade: A relationship in trouble is one that falls…

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Couples & Commitment

Couples & Commitment- Part 2

When we make a commitment to our partner, our usual expectation is that our relationship will last…

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Couples Therapy

Couples & Commitment- Part 1

Marriage & COMMUNICATION The Stage of Deeper Sharing When we commit ourselves to a relationship…

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Young married couple with son during family therapy with counselor

Couples & Affairs- Part 4

Children in the Event of a Divorce Children are deeply affected by their parents’ divorce. They…

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Couples & affairs- Part 3

There are many types of affairs, and couples should consider this information before making a…

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