Several types of partners may struggle with emotional availability, each with their own characteristics and challenges:

  1. The Adventurer: Constantly seeking new thrills, these individuals prioritize excitement over emotional attachment.
  2. The Beautiful Person: Often focused on their looks, they may find it challenging to engage in mutually fulfilling relationships.
  3. The Addict: Addictions to substances or activities can prevent sustaining an emotional connection.
  4. The Overinvolved Child: Their primary attachment remains with a parent, viewing the partner as secondary.
  5. The Intellectualizer: Emotions are seen as chaotic and are avoided in favor of logic and control.
  6. The Narcissist: Focused on self-love, they lack empathy and prioritize their needs over mutual sharing.
  7. The Keeper of Secrets: Strong personal boundaries prevent emotional intimacy, often due to trust issues.

Recognizing these types can help you understand the challenges you might face in your relationship and provide insights into addressing emotional unavailability.

Dr.Baya Mebarek, Psy.D.,LMFT