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Welcome to San Diego Family Therapy!

Welcome to San Diego Family Therapy!

I am extremely excited to announce the launch of my website.

I specialize in assisting anxious and depressed individuals, couples, teens and children to deal effectively with their condition. Depression is rapidly rising in children and adolescents. Depression affects their mood, thoughts, and behavior both at home and in school. It also affects the way they relate to peers. The rate of childhood depression is increasing by 23% a year according to a study conducted by the Harvard Medical Center.

I am also passionate about working with couples who are estranged, arguing or drifting apart in repairing their relationship and creating safe, strong bonds together. Research shows that conflicts, when handled appropriately, can actually result in greater intimacy.

Additionally I provide pre-marital counseling to help couples set their marriage on the right track before it starts.

I am able to assist individuals with a spiritual focus to integrate their faith to their growth and their healing.

I hope you will find helpful direction and information from my website. I will periodically post articles and tips on my blog for your consideration. The material I plan to make available will cover topics including anxiety, depression, and relationships. You can subscribe to my newsletter via the website for convenience. Please invite your friends and colleagues to subscribe to this newsletter. They can sign up for my mail list on the home page of my website and thereby receive information and recommendations.

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